what happens if you smoke marijuana

It throws off your appetite.

Thank you, obvious science. When you consume marijuana, the cannabinoids interfere with the appetite-suppressing receptors, which tell you when you’re full. Instead of telling you to stop eating, your pleasure hormones (endorphins) trick you into eating more. We feel bloated just thinking about this.

It messes with your short-term memory.

The hippocampus—hilarious word, key component for memory—gets cloudy when THC infects it. Good luck trying to remember…anything.

It irritates your lungs.

You’re literally burning your airways. Simply put, the chemicals within marijuana—and other air pollutants like cigarette smoke—annoy your lungs, which cause you to cough like, well, a smoker (you know, that deep, hacking cough that feels like an earthquake). The difference between smoking weed versus tobacco, is that people tend to not physically smoke as much weed as tobacco, says Kertesz, so they don’t reap as many potential harmful side effects. (Another explanation might be because pot has some anti-inflammatory properties.)