what helps get rid of a fungus under the toenail that is making it come loose from the nail bed?

My big toe nail is separating from the nail bed due to a fungus but I don’t want to take prescription meds because of side effects…what else could I try?

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  • Use Tea Tree Oil on the affected nails.
  • Use a garlic crusher to mash it up, and rub it on the fungus. Garlic is a natural fungus killer.

For prevention of toenail fungus here are few tips:

  • Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes. Allow shoes to dry thoroughly between wearings.
  • Wear clean shocks.
  • Wash your feet daily, dry them thoroughly and use a good-quality foot powder
  • Keep your toenails trimmed.

Use only 100% tea tree oil as diluted tea tree oil is not well recommended for this use. Supermarkets have it, a good chemist does also health food stores.
This method of treatment is a little slower than “man made” products though so I would check with a chemist or naturopath first .