what i learned from my own kids concussion

Notify Your Child’s School Right Away
Schools across the nation have put concussion policies and protocols into place in their schools. Once the school is aware that your child has a concussion, they can begin to excuse or reduce assignments and begin working with your doctor’s recommendations to make sure that your child is able to recover.

Without an official diagnosis from a medical professional, your child may not be able to reduce their school work load enough to allow for a recovery.

This can prolong recovery, or put your child at risk of falling behind on work.

Work With the School To Coordinate School Expectations
Your child’s school will have a concussion policy in place. Find out exactly how the school and teachers handle the recovery period of a concussion and make sure that you let the school know when symptoms increase. The best way to advocate for your child is to make sure that you keep the lines of communication open.

Follow the Protocol Given By Your Doctor
Be sure to follow the doctor’s orders. Each concussion is unique, and your doctor’s orders will outline the best practices for concussion recovery not only for your child’s given age, but also matched to severity and symptoms.

Your child will find the recovery period boring. Regardless, don’t jump ahead and push too hard during recovery, as this will lead to setbacks and an even longer recovery period.