What is a colonic?

A Colonic is a treatment for cleaning out leftover waste from the colon by using water or other liquids to flush out the waste from the colon. Colonics are also called colon hydrotherapy (hydrocolonics), colonic irrigation or high enemas, and are used to cleanse the colon. Proponents of colonic treatments say that a colon flush pulls out built-up toxins and it helps to detox your body to promote weight loss and better health.

Colonics have been advocated by many famous people and health practitioners. Naturopathic practitioners say that colonic irrigation promotes better health by getting rid of waste and toxins that accumulate in the intestines. However, many doctors say that colon cleansing provides no benefit at all.

In this article I will look at what colonic is and if the hype of colonic procedures should be believed. I will also look at any health benefits of colon cleansing that can be achieved without using colonic irrigation.