what is a cool down

Cooling down (the prescribed event of which is called a cool down, cooldown, or cool-down; or warm down, in allusion to use in combination with warm up) is an easy exercise, done after a more intense activity, to allow the body to gradually transition to a resting or near-resting state. Depending on the intensity of the exercise, cooling down can involve a slow jog or walk. With lower intensities stretching can be used.

Cooling down allows the heart rate to return to its resting rate. Anecdotally cooling down may reduce dizziness for professional or serious athletes and vocal performers after strenuous workouts.[1] Studies are currently inconclusive as to whether the process actually reduces delayed-onset muscle soreness[2] and muscle soreness not caused by lactate production during intense exercise.[3] Some have shown a weak correlation: however, the majority of recent studies discount the relationship.[4] One study has shown that athletes who perform an appropriate cool-down are less likely to become injured