What is a good Substitute for tea tree oil?

Neem. Neem is a strong, bitter oil that is considered a cure-all in India. Ayurvedic medicine has long revered neem oil because of its wide range of therapeutic uses. This star of nature’s pharmacy has been front and center in Eastern Medicine for centuries, but most of us have not heard of it and don’t understand its many uses. Ayurvedic practitioners consider it to have wonderful detoxification properties. Neem is powerfully soothing to inflammatory conditions. It can be used to promote the health of skin that has been invaded by bacterial or fungal infection. Because it is comprised of over 70% fatty acids, neem is a shining star when it comes to supporting skin health

Wendy’s Toe Oil Recipe:

1 oz Baobab Oil
20 drops Lavender Oil
10 drops Neem Oil
10 drops Peppermint Oil
5 drops Carrot Seed Oil
My toe oil, much like neem, doesn’t sound fancy, but packs a double whammy of therapeutic properties. It clears my children’s icky foot issues up, soothes their pain, and smells fresh and yummy. If my kids beg for it, you know it’s good