what is a pilates body

Too often discounted as a soft workout, Pilates’ many benefits go unrealized. From sport performance to healing injuries, every fitness plan can be energized by Pilates …

Early in May, Pilates diehards everywhere celebrate this method of fitness on National Pilates Day. Those who try it understand its stellar reputation, well established since its conception during World War II. Named after its creator, Joseph Pilates, this form of exercise originated to rehabilitate sick and disabled soldiers during World War I.

Pilates’ intended purpose was to heal and help the recovery process. From his own hospital bed, Joseph created the precursor of today’s reformer. The body’s core (stomach and back muscles) is the focus, with fluid movements extending the workout to the entire frame.

As Pilates grew in popularity, practitioners discovered additional uses for it. It became a fitness method ideal for improving neuromuscular coordination, flexibility, and balance. It grew into a sport specific training program to help improve performance. Professional dancers adopted it as their workout of choice.