what is a sock aid

an adaptive device that enables disabled people who cannot reach their feet to don a pair of socks or stockings. One type consists of a dowel with a cuphook on the end. Also called stocking aid

Arthritis is a frustrating disability millions of people must deal with every day. One of the most aggravating problems facing arthritis sufferers is the independence of dressing themselves. Painful hip and knee joints will not allow the bending action needed to reach your feet. Arthritis in your back or even your hands and fingers can make it difficult to put on your own socks or stockings.

It is embarrassing to ask a spouse or child to help you put your socks on in the morning. What can you do if there is no one to help? Some people have tried long handled food tongs to pull their socks up, but it is hard to maneuver and get your heel in. A bent grilling fork will work for a while until you scratch your legs and put holes in all of your socks from the tines.