what is a toddler serving size

Portion Sizes for children aged 1-4 years
The amount of food that young children eat varies from day to day and meal to meal.
Use our portion size ranges as a guide on how much to offer your 1-4 year olds, then allow children to eat to their appetite.
Taller or more active children will eat larger portions than shorter or less active children.

1-4 year olds eating within these ranges will meet their energy and nutrient needs - except vitamin D, for which all children need a supplement.
Diameters of plates and bowls photographed:
White plate: 9" / 23cm (approx)
White bowl: 6 ½" / 16.5cm (approx)
Glass bowl: 4 ¾" / 12cm (approx)
Standard measuring spoons were used: 1 tablespoon is 15ml and 1 teaspoon is 5ml.