What is a treatment for an underarm painfull rash?

within 24 hours, I developed a painful Red raised rash under both of my arms. I put ice cold clean washcloth for short amount of time to ease the pain. I try to keep my arms raised as much as possible to dry the area. I have tried thin layers of coconut oil with no results. I have tried Lotrimin spray with little relief. the pain is so bad when my arms are down, I can’t sleep, or anything else that requires my arms down. I am a large woman and have delt with heat rash in warm parts of my body but this has become unbearable. If you have any suggestions for me I would appriciate very much. Signed, painful

I am having the same problem right now. I use monistat chafing gel that
You can get at stores like Walmart in the personal care aisle.
It is also good to try and shower if you can after being out and getting sweaty and using a good deodorant.