what is adenopathy

Adenopathy is more commonly referred to as lymphadenopathy. The second name makes good sense since this condition is one described as the presence of swollen lymph nodes. These might occur in varying parts of the body. Swelling can happen in the small nodes under the chin, in the lymph nodes present in the groin, in the armpits, or elsewhere. Adenopathy is usually thought a symptom of an underlying condition, instead of being a disease of the nodes in of themselves.

Given that it is symptomatic of another condition, doctors have to work to find out why the condition is present. There are numerous potential causes of persistent swollen lymph nodes. Certain types of viruses may be responsible, and lymphadenopathy is not uncommon when diseases like mononucleosis, previous chicken pox infection, Epstein-Barr or HIV are present.

Swollen lymph nodes are also suggestive of contagion with different types of bacteria. Cat scratch fever, which results in infection with Bartonella frequently results in them. In fact cat scratch fever is considered one of the common reasons children get lymphadenopathy. Other times people might show symptoms of swollen lymph nodes due to parasitic infection, autoimmune conditions, or presence of cancer.