What is Advantages disadvantages of holistic care in Nursing?

A few disadvantages I can see. First, societal views are ignorant to holistic care. Especially in regards to western medicine. The biomedical model is engraved in our cuture, anything different would be seen with skepticism. Second, the majority of the laws in the medical field are geared towards the biomedical model. Any new medical practice whether it be alternative medicine, new technology, advanced hi-tech practices are difficult for recieving acceptance.

Third, educational programs with respect to standards have not fully developed neither by educational intitutions, accreditors/associations, nor by the government (once again- governmental laws are geared towards biomedical models and anything else is compared to it as a standard). Educational institutions have to abide by laws in reference to degrees/certifications/licensing. Those in alternative or Holistic practices have a long way to go in educating society to be able to make changes. Fourth, holistic care can be applied toward any type of medical practice. However, the person benefiting from holistic care has to be an active part, to some degree, in their health. Alot of people are just not active members in respect to their own health due to ignorance and lack of knowledge.