what is amniotic band syndrome

Amniotic Band Syndrome is not genetic (i.e. not inherited). It is extremely unlikely that ABS will affect a future pregnancy. To date, no prenatal factors have been associated with ABS.

The commonly accepted view is that ABS occurs when the inner membrane (amnion) ruptures without injury to the outer membrane (chorion), this exposes the baby to fibrous sticky tissue (bands) from the ruptured amnion which can float in the waters of the uterus, these fibrous tissues can entangle the baby reducing blood supply and causing congenital abnormalities. In some cases a complete “natural” amputation of a digit(s) or limb may occur before birth or the digit(s) or limbs may be necrotic (dead) and require surgical amputation following birth.

A strong relationship between ABS and clubfoot exists. A 31.5% of associated clubfoot deformity and ABS can be correlated with 20% occurring bilaterally. Other abnormalities found with ABS include: clubhands, cleft lip, and/or cleft palate, and hemangioma.