What is an instant home cure for Swimmers Ear?

If you don’t like Gross info or cant be mature with areal answer then don continue reading… Ok so I have had horrible swimmers ear for 3 o 4 days. My ear canal is swollen almost shut… Day 1 i just had sever pain… Day 2 Crust came out and Today it as fluids and puss like liquids and more crust. The pain is horrible and it is hard to sleep. I have been putting a heating pad on it and taking pain meds. i also use an ear plug when i swim. I need a home remedy or cure that works fast please!

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Home treatment can be used to treat an mild infection or to prevent swimmer’s ear. But in your case don’t try home remedies as you have drainage from your ear which could mean you have a ruptured ear drum. Consult ENT specialist.