what is anarthria

inability to articulate remembered words as a result of a brain lesion

Anarthria is the most severe form of dysarthria, resulting in the loss of clear, articulate speech. Dysarthria is a speech deficit caused by problems controlling the muscles involved in speech production.

Anarthria and dysarthria are not caused by problems with language comprehension or with problems thinking or finding the right words. Aphasia, in contrast, is a speech problem that is caused by trouble producing and/or understanding speech due to problems with one or more areas of the brain that are responsible for language.

People who experience anarthria have the motivation to speak but are unable to do so. Dysarthria, also known as dysarthosis, is a motor speech disorder that partially affects the muscles used for speech production. Anarthria is due to a more significant loss of muscular control of the speech muscles. The muscles involved in speech include the muscles of the lips, tongue, mouth, vocal folds, and diaphragm.