what is colon cleanse tablets

Colon cleansing tablets are used for weight loss and detoxification. Colon cleansing tablets help the body expel waste faster and more efficiently. Some holistic health proponents believe that the colon cannot truly clean itself, and that waste builds up along the intestinal walls. Most conventional physicians disagree with this assessment and believe colon cleansing is unnecessary. Makers of colon cleansing products and programs insist that the colon retains toxins, pollutants, parasites, food and fecal matter that can make you ill. By following the program or taking the product, you will then be able to feel better and be generally healthier. But is this true? What do doctors think?
Colon cleansing helps to flush toxins that absorb into the colon from debris.

Depending on the individual colon cleansing product, it can be taken by itself in order to work or it is part of a detoxification program which including fasting and enemas as well as taking the pills or powders that you add to water. Colon cleansing programs or systems can last for three days up to one month, while some over the counter colon cleansing pills or powders can be taken every day.
Many colon cleaning pills or powders contain psyllium husks from the seeds of an Indian plant called Plantato ovata, which is a natural fiber source. Fiber stimulates the colon and intestines. But psyllium husks, when wet, turn into the consistency of intestinal mucus, which helps to stimulate fecal production. The cost of these products can range from a few dollars a bottle to hundreds of dollars for a monthly program.

The effects of taking psyllium husk are dramatic. The person produces far more stools than usual. This makes the person think the colon cleansing product is working, so they continue taking the product. Another factor that happens to some people is that they have a release of endorphins after a large bowel movement. This is also an incentive to take the product.
4. The makers of colon cleaning products claim their products remove harmful toxins from the body. However, these toxins are never identified. There are also no clinical medical studies to back up this claim. Doctors who have performed countless colonoscopies have never reported seeing any impacted fecal matter in the colon. The colon is a very efficient self-cleaning system all by itself.
5. There are no sound medical reasons for colon cleaning. If a person is having chronic constipation, there are far more gentle and inexpensive means of adding more fiber, water and regular exercise to the diet to regulate the bowels. Psyllium husk powder can also be purchased by itself instead of added to expensive colon cleansing products. It is to be used only as needed
6. Please do not use colon cleansing products or detoxification programs unless you first talk to your doctor, especially if it involves fasting. Fasting can be dangerous if you are diabetic, have migraines, have low blood pressure or are hyperglycemic.

Herbal Colon Cleansing Tablets
Herbal colon cleansing tablets are often part of a comprehensive detoxification program. The tablets contain laxative herbs that encourage gentle and rapid elimination of waste from the digestive tract. Those taking these tablets may experience enhanced digestive function, weight loss and a feeling of lightness. Those with prior digestive conditions should avoid colon cleansing tablets unless under the supervision of a health care professional. Additionally, colon cleansing herbal tablets may interfere with medications and other herbs.


  1. Herbal colon cleansing tablets may consist of single or multiple herbs and vary in potency, size and dosage.
  2. Tablet size varies depending on potency and inclusion of inactive ingredients like binding and coloring agents, usually averaging about 1,000 mg.
  3. Herbal colon cleansing tablets encourage the digestive tract to eliminate waste rapidly in soft, well-formed stools. Tablets may include stool-bulking materials like soluble plant fiber, and stimulating herbs like senna (Cassia senna) or cascara sagrada (Rhamnus purshiana).
    Time Frame
  4. These tablets are often used as part of a comprehensive detoxification program lasting two to four weeks.
  5. Some herbal cleansing tablets contain plant compounds that may harmlessly stain the lining of the colon (melanosis coli) if used for prolonged periods. Extended use may also decrease the body’s ability to eliminate waste naturally.