what is fake cocaine

In the past, powdered milk and baking soda have been your standard replacements for 1980’s nose candy but recently that has changed. According to the Independent, a powder called inositol is what you see these days when you see actors snorting coke. It makes sense, as the white powder is often used as a cutting agent for actual cocaine. Inositol is a vitamin B powder, and as it turns out, being a vitamin can actually give you a “slight energy lift.” This isn’t too surprising.

Vitamin B is the primary ingredient in most of your “energy shot” drinks for just this reason. At the same time, it’s actually a little creepy. You’re pretending to be snorting cocaine, which gives you a serious lift, and while you’re not actually taking the drug, you’re taking a different powder into your body which still gives you a bit of a kick. It’s like “diet cocaine.”