What is for obesity

Dear sir, what is best to reduce weight slowly and effactively.we are jain not eat potato.onions.garlic or any roots

Take honey-lime juice water which is highly beneficial for weight loss without the loss of energy and appetite. One spoon of fresh honey should be mixed with a juice of half a lime in a glass of lukewarm water and taken at regular intervals.

Along with this here are few tips:

  • Eat low-calorie well balanced diet.
  • Chew your food to a pulp or milky liquid until it practically swallows itself.
  • Avoid high-fat foods such as butter, cheese, cream, ghee, chocolate, ice cream, fried foods, high carbohydrated foods like bread, candy, cake, cookies, potatoes, legumes and sugar.
  • Do exercise. Walking is the best exercise to begin with and may be followed by running, swimming and other outdoor sports.