what is intermittent asthma

Intermittent asthma is the least severe type of asthma. At times, it may be referred to as “mild intermittent asthma.” People with this type of asthma typically have asthma symptoms that come and go.

If you have this type of asthma, you experience episodes twice a week or less with nighttime symptoms occurring at most twice a month. Between episodes, it’s likely that you will not have any symptoms and your lungs function normally.

Though it is mild, it’s still necessary to receive proper treatment to manage your asthma.

The different classifications of asthma are based on the severity of the condition and the classification of anyone’s asthma can change over time. It is difficult to diagnose and classify in children younger than 4 years old since symptoms may be different from those in older patients.

When determining which classification to assign to your asthma, your doctor will consider your symptoms prior to treatment. This includes difficulty breathing, wheezing, chest tightness, and coughing. They will also look at the results of a lung function test or pulmonary function test to determine the amount and speed of air you can blow.

The National Asthma Education and Prevention Program has classified asthma into four categories. These are listed in order of severity, with intermittent asthma being the least severe.