What is the alternative treatment for TB?

Drink Your Milk: One of the most successful and widely available home remedy for tuberculosis is simpler than you think – milk! As we all know, milk is one of the best sources for calcium in our diet, and calcium is an integral vitamin in the body for counteracting the symptoms of tuberculosis. In fact, some people recommend going on a milk-only diet for a short time if you are suffering from tuberculosis. It not only protects the body from the bacterial effects of tuberculosis, but can also soothe the respiratory system, lower inflammation, and boost the immune system to effectively fight off the infection.

Mint: Aside from being put in your favorite cocktails or flavoring your breath, mint is also packed with important nutrients and organic compounds that can have a major impact on your body. In terms of tuberculosis, mint is able to break up mucus buildup in the respiratory tracts, allowing for more clear passage of air, and also has a number of immune-stimulating properties and antioxidants that can directly impact any infection in the body. Crushed mint leaves can be steeped in a very potent tea that anyone suffering from TB should add to their daily dietary intake.

Indian Gooseberry: Although the exact mechanism of Indian gooseberry’s effects on TB are somewhat unknown, it has been shown to effectively lessen the symptoms, especially when the pure gooseberry juice is mixed with honey and consumed. This coats the stomach and the respiratory tracts and can offer relief from inflammation and discomfort, while also stimulating your immune system with its proven antibacterial qualities.