What is the average wage of an holistic therapist?

Estheticians and holistic skin care specialists who specialize in holistic skin care administer facial and body treatments that feature natural ingredients, such as herbs, minerals and essential oils. They may also offer microdermabrasian, chemical peels and other beauty treatments. As a holistic health practitioner, an esthetician can help treat skin conditions such as sun damage and acne. By increasing the health and vitality of the skin, the body’s largest organ, holistic estheticians can also decrease bodily aches and pains and improve emotional wellbeing. According to the BLS, the median national annual salary for skincare specialists is $29,050*.

Clearly there are many ways to make a great living as a holistic health practitioner. Not only can you earn a good income, you can also enjoy the deeper benefits of making a difference in the lives of others. When you join the wellness industry, you become part of an ever-growing movement to create a healthier, more balanced focus in society.