what is the best home remedy to cure a stomach ulcer?

Hi im 14 and i believe i have a stomach ulcer and the pain strted about maybe 4 weeks ago but its not as painful and it doesnt hurt when i swallow like it did. it only hurts if ieat something spicy or vinegery. im really scared because i dont want anything bad to happen. We have aloe vera juice can tht help? I really want it to leave and I really need advice on how to cure it naturally because i dont like going to the doctor with stuff like this. I have bad anxiety at the doctor because i dont want it to be something really bad…any help on how I can cure it naturally.?

Bananas: Eat banana everyday. Bananas have antacid effects, protecting the stomach from ulcers and their subsequent damage. They work by creating a thicker mucus barrier within the stomach to protect against acids. Also, they help eliminate bacteria in the stomach that could lead to ulcers.

Aloe vera: Take one teaspoon of aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel heal stomach ulcers, can improve digestion and stomach upset.