what is the best intercourse position to get pregnant

Doggy style: A great position – and most men will agree they love it – the doggy style is great for baby making. Doggy style helps increase the amount of penetration and opens up the cervix just a little bit more than other positions. Read how to do the doggy style right.

Glowing triangle: This pose is an offshoot of the missionary position. Here your man is on top with you below him, the difference being that the man is on all fours with his legs extended out. Your pelvis is raised (you can use a pillow for that added lift) and you can wrap your legs around your man. This position helps in increasing the depth of the penetration and tilts your pelvis upwards. The best part about this position is that your man need not move, you can do all the work. To help make the sex even better, spend time exploring and arousing each other before the final act. Here are five foreplay moves that would make your woman want more out of sex.

The rock and roller or anvil: Something like the missionary, this position ensures that your partner penetrates deep, and hits your G-spot — helping in conception. In this position you are on your back and your man is on top. You then raise your legs such that they are above your head and then your man penetrates you. Magic mountain: This pose is just like the doggy style, but has the man bending over you, such that your back is against his chest. Here, you are bent over at the waist, and can use pillows beneath your ead to stabilise your upper body. You can reduce the number of pillows to increase the bend in the your waist helping yourpelvis tilt even more. This pose allows for deep penetration, hits the G spot, stimulates the clitoris and is perfect for baby making.