What is the best& most effective cure for a gnawing,persistant peptic ulcer?

I am having trouble with trying to figure out what is the best cure all for a nagging,gnawing at me peptic ulcer that comes & goes repeatdly with no solution in sight for this uncomfortable condition? Can having a peptic ulcer create pain & soreness yhat radiates to other parts of the body like the legs or arms?

Here are few tips:

  • Choose a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Not eating vitamin-rich foods may make it difficult for your body to heal your ulcer.

  • Control stress. Try aerobic exercise, yoga, or deep breathing or relaxation exercises.

  • Do not smoke, avoid alcohol and limit caffeine intake.

  • Take licorice tree times a day. This herb helps with the regeneration of the gastric tissue and has antibacterial property and is anti-inflammatory. Avoid licorice if you have high BP.

  • Drink aloe vera juice 1/2 cup three times a day. It soothes the lining of stomach.