What is the best way to get rid of smelly feet?

My sister has extremely smelly feet a d I don’t know what she should do to cure it…

Dear friend…buy some generic MILK OF MAGNESIA because it is cheaper but works just the same as name brand. I suggest EQUATE brand from Walmart as they sell large size bottles.

Now wash your feet well and dry. Take a cotton ball or cotton pad and apply the MILK OF MAGNESIA — and make sure you SHAKE IT UP WELL FIRST---- to cover all areas of feet and toes. The magnesia will dry to a light powdery film. Do this twice a day if needed but make sure to wash feet well at least once a day before applying. If skin gets a bit dry use a lotion before bed. It can be applied over the dried milk of magnesia layer if you need moisturizing.

HOW DOES THIS WORK? The Milk of Magnesia kills the odor causing bacterias on your skin because of the high Ph of the solution. It will also kill fungus like Athletes Foot and Ringworm ANYWHERE on your body—not just your feet! Of course it will take more than one application…maybe a week or so but I guarantee it works. Your skin may peel slightly after several applications and this is good because that layer most likely had fungus which smells bad.

MILK OF MAGNESIA works great for smelly underarms and smelly skin fold creases, and skin rashes including diaper rash.

Finally…you must wash all your shoes. Most bacterias and funguses can live in there and recontaminate your feet. Gym shoes of all kinds even leather can be safely washed in a washing machine and AIR DRIED. Soak first overnight in your laundry tub or large bucket in very hot water and BORAX. BORAX kills germs. Then next day put in washer with hot water and detergent. Add one cup WHITE VINEGAR to rinse water. AIR DRY. Your shoes will look and smell like new.

For shoes than cannot be put in washer, wipe out insides with CLOROX WIPES and then spray heavily inside with WHITE VINEGAR (that you have poured into a spray bottle obviously). LET AIR DRY. Repeat if necessary until all bad smell is gone. There could be some shoes that are too bad to revive and must be thrown away. ALSO you can try BAKING SODA in shoes to absorb wetness and odors. SUNLIGHT is great for killing microbes too…so air and dry the shoes in the sun if you can.

DISINFECT YOUR SOCKS as well…super hot water wash with BORAX, DETERGENT and a WHITE VINEGAR RINSE Water.

Now enjoy your nice clean smelling feetsies!! Using the milk of magnesia every day will keep them odor free.

By the way BORAX can be found in a box in the detergent aisle of most grocery stores…20 MULE TEAM BORAX POWDER for those unfamiliar with it. I didn’t include this info in my answer…thanks. Make sure to try Milk of Magnesia on any smelly skin-- it’s soothing, safe, gentle and works GREAT!