what is the hodgkin itch

Back in 2001 I began itching without reason. I eventually went to my general doctor who referred me to an allergy doctor.
After allergy test and multiple visits without solving my itching problem I asked the allergy doctor about a gland in my neck that I felt getting bigger than normal. He told me there were no glands in that area.
I went to another allergy doctor in 2002 that sat down with me and went over my entire health history along with my family’s health history.
My mother was diagnosed in 1957 and 1969 with Hodgkin’s Disease. When she died, due to an unrelated illness, the Hodgkin’s Disease was in remission.
The second allergy doctor noted that the gland in my neck was of concern and should be watched for further enlargement. He put me on allergy medicine to help with the itching.
Early 2003 I was still itching and noticed that my arm pit (same side as swollen gland) was starting to swell.
I started checking the symptoms on the internet and the first thing that pops up is Hodgkin’s Disease. I was shocked and a little aggravated that the doctors never mentioned that itching and Hodgkin’s Disease were related, especially since my itching was not treatable even with allergy medication.

I went back to my general doctor who noted that the glands were of much concern and that the swelling under my arm pit was inflammation and or fluid build up from the glands in my neck. The good news is the glands in my arm pits were not swollen.
My general doctor took blood work again which came back fine except for a “small elevation in the WBC” which was a little over 11000. He recommended me to a surgeon for a biopsy.
Well, Thursday (5/22) I had the biopsy done. It was much more surgery than I expected with over a 3 inch incision. A pathologist was present during the biopsy. The surgeon told my wife while I was still in the recovery room “the pathologist highly suspects it is Hodgkin’s Disease and it is very treatable”.
I am hoping that it is very treatable. I have to go back this week to see where I go from here. I am guessing there will be more test to see exactly what stage it is in also.