what is the sacred heart diet

The Sacred Heart diet is a 7 day diet plan that allows a dieter to eat a specific set of foods each day and as much of a special soup as desired.

The Sacred Heart diet exists in many different forms, although all of them are fairly similar. Usually the main differences that exist are differences in the ingredients used in the soup. Some versions of this diet allow diet soda to be consumed during the diet, but most do not. Supposedly this diet was created by Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital as a diet that would allow obese patients to lose weight quickly before they were to undergo surgery (some versions of this story specify cardiac surgery). There is no evidence however, that this story is true. There are many different Sacred Heart hospitals in the United States and Canada, and many of them have issued statements saying that this diet did not come from them and is not recommended. The diet seems to mainly circulate from person to person and on the internet.

The Sacred Heart diet has been known by many other names. It sometimes appears under the names Spokane Heart diet, the Cleveland Clinic diet, the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital diet, and the Miami Heart Institute diet. It is very similar to some versions of the cabbage soup diet. The foods that are to be eaten each of the seven days are largely similar. The most significant difference between this diet and many versions of the cabbage soup diet lies in the soup. The Sacred Heart diet soup does not contain any cabbage, but the cabbage soup diet soup usually contains a large amount of cabbage.

The Sacred Heart diet is a 7 day diet plan. It consists of a soup recipe and a 7 day eating guide.

During the diet, dieters may eat as much of the soup as desired and are often required to eat at least one serving each day. Some versions of the diet actually claim that this soup contains no calories, but as all food contains some calories this claim cannot be true. It is however generally a fairly low calorie soup.