What is the treatment for IBS

Laxatives of all types are commonly used to relieve the symptom of constipation.

Bulk-forming laxatives work by bulking up your stool. These laxatives are made of indigestible particles (colloid) which absorb water. Once bulk laxatives absorb water, they cause distension of the bowel and trigger bowel movement via wave-like muscle contractions (peristalsis). Bulk laxatives are commonly made of plant fibers like methylcellulose. When the bacteria that live in your gut digest these plant fibers, excess flatus and bloating can result.Here are some over-the-counter bulk laxatives:

FiberCon (polycarbophil)Citrucel (methylcellulose)Metamucil (psyllium)Konsyl (psyllium)see natural remedies also https://homeremediesforyou.com/Irritable-Bowel-Syndrome/