What is wuniu zhao tea?

In the Southern part of China, near the Burmese border, in shady groves embraced by subtropical forests, tea trees grow, trees planted hundreds of years ago. Zhao Zhou’s wild teas are made of those leaves. They taste strong and bring about a transcendental experience.

White tea has been grown since old times on the slopes of the hills along the Eastern coastline of China. Very little processing is done during production. There are several different kinds of leaves: gentle, fresh, young, and more aromatic varieties. The latter are more suitable for mellowing, aging.

On the Eastern mountains of Nepal, at heights of 1600-2000 meters in the Himalayas, under snowy peaks, tea is grown on organic plantations. Artisan hand crafted teas are produced with special attention and care. Tranquillity of the mountains, clarity, space, and freedom are present in the tea.