what not to wear running

Cotton, Thong, V-String, Lace, or Cheeky Undies

Issues: Skip the sexy, lacy, skimpy pairs that have bows or ties on them since the fabric rubbing against your skin is sure to cause chafing. If you prefer thongs to prevent unsightly pantie lines, think of the alternative — thongs and v-strings can cause UTIs or other infections. Cotton is a great breathable material, but it’s one to avoid when running since it gets heavy when wet and doesn’t dry quickly.

Cotton Socks

Issues: Socks made of cotton or those made for everyday wear can’t hold up to the demands of an intense run. When your feet get hot and sweaty, the wetness can cause some pretty nasty blisters.

Cute Sneaks

Issues: Sneakers that look great with jeans are not what you want to slip on for a run. Everyday sneakers offer minimal support, cushioning, and traction. The same goes for shoes designed for walking, basketball, cross-training, or hiking.