What remedy did Dr Oz recommend for allergies runny noses on the Oprah Winfrey Show today?

it looks something like a very small teapot with a long, straight spout, or the kind of bottle you’d expect a genie to come out of. You can buy them online, or in health food store. When you use it properly it reduces dust and other contaminants in the nose, and it’s a very effective way to clean the sinuses. Modern studies are showing that it’s as effective as drugs for preventing sinus infections. Regular use of a neti pot is alsohugely beneficial for people with nasal allergies and headaches. It just takes all the gelatinous goo out of there

What alot of people don’t know is that the sinusesare linked closely to lung health. The sinuses are a major source of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide opens thingsup: the blood vessels, the airways. When we intubate a patient through the nose we always worry about how it will effect their breathing-because it can reduce the lungs’ content of nitric oxide. So, it follows that keeping the sinuses healthy also keeps the lungs full of fresh, clean air. We don’t yet know whether nasal irrigation is as helpful for asthma as it is for sinus problems, but it certainly will do more good than harm for asthmatics.
It’s interesting to note that cleansing with the neti pot has been done for centuries. Even today, it’s an important part of Eastern meditation processes. Many Muslims do it before going to prayer. Although it might seem a little strange to Westerners, it really does give you a wonderful clean feeling.