what should I do if i dont have any money or insurance to help cure my UTI?

I think i have a UTI…plus when i relieve my bowls i have a horrible pain like my bladder is being ripped apart…i dont have any money for a doctor or any insurance…what should I do?? what will the hospital do ?I dont want to be stuck with all kinds of needles

You need to see a doctor. Meanwhile take D-mannose from a health supplement store or order it online at Swanson Vitamins. Also take 100 percent cranberry juice and vitamin C supplements daily. Keep drinking a lot of water and avoid acidic foods like grapefruit, soda and coffee. Consider a fiber and probiotic supplement for bowel health, which you can buy in most drugstores. FYI - There are no needles involved in a UTI exam, just a urine sample.