what should i do if i have no period after miscarriage

Anyone else pregnant with a rainbow baby and have not had a cycle between? I miscarried on October 1st. It was my first pregnancy; it was an early miscarriage and I was 6 weeks, although I think my body had been gearing up for the miscarriage pretty early on as I had no symptoms and light lines. I did go to the ER that night and my HCG came back at a 10. Because of the low HCG level, I decided to miscarry naturally and I chose not to go to a follow up appointment. I let nature take its course, and my body felt back to normal in no time

My husband and I decided to start having sex again once the bleeding had totally subsided. I believe I ovulated on October 20, based on EWCM. I also had ovulation signs such as middleschmertz and breast pain. On October 31, 10 DPO, I had a faint positive, and I have taken several other tests since then to gauge line progression and at this point my positive line couldn’t be any darker! Lines have been progressively darker and now so dark they actually pull die from the test line. I was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced a healthy pregnancy immediately following a m/c. I have a dr apt Friday, but I am somewhat regretting now not having a follow up appt. I believe I must be pregnant again, but I am nervous.