what should you eat for doing pilates

Full Meal – 1 to 2 hours before your session to give yourself time to digest.

Why? A full meal with some protein, fat, and lots of veggies gives you just the right amount of pick-me-up to stay focused and rock it. Protein and fat are slow burning energy that give you the stamina to get through your workout. They take a bit more work for your body to digest, so don’t dig into a steak 30 minutes before you walk in.

Also, I discourage people from loading up on too many carbs right before Pilates. You’re not running a marathon and unless you are doing intermediate-advanced Pilates, your workout might not as aerobic as going for a run (the more Pilates you do, the more aerobic it gets, believe me!).

Of course, you know your body best. So do experiment with what combinations of foods works best for you, meaning it digests well and keeps you energized throughout your workout.

Small Snack – 30 to 45 min before your session for a quick energy boost.

Why? If you haven’t eaten anything for a few hours, your performance decreases. Pilates is all about focusing your energy on how your body is moving. If your mind is on your tummy grumbles, you won’t reap all the benefits from your session. Also, if you come in completely famished, you are more likely to binge on junk food after the session.