What spice when added to mustard increases metabolism?

There is some evidence that eating hot and spicy foods can help boost your metabolism and allow you to burn more fat more quickly. According to Penn State University “very hot foods can increase metabolism up to twenty percent for thirty minutes after consumption.” However, regular yellow mustard isn’t going to do the trick. To increase metabolism, spicy or whole grain mustards are more likely to kick up your body’s fat burning processes.

Spicy mustard can be found in many grocery stores, and for the best kick you should look for varieties that are Mexican or Asian. These are spicier than the American “spicy” mustards and usually provide higher concentrations of mustard seeds to get you burning more fat

Eating mustard alone is not going to make you reach your weight loss goals. But adding mustard to a diet that is already full of healthy, low calorie and low fat foods can give your systems an extra fat burning boost.

Keep in mind that spicy foods can aggravate some stomach conditions such as acid reflux, GERD, gastritis or ulcers. If you have these, please consult your doctor before consuming spicy mustard.