what to do if the antibiotic for a UTI doesn't work?

I went to the doctor’s nearly a week ago. I’m to the end of the bottle with a full blown yeast infection now. The pain of the UTI is gone, but the urgency and lack of flow is still severe. Help?

Have you been checked for STD a lot of times women assume its a uti and it could be an STD as some of them have the same symptoms as a uti. Did your doctor do a culture? It also could be that the antibiotic given was not strong enough to kill the bacteria causing your uti. I understand what your goin through from someone who suffers utis twice a year at least and this year is worse I always end up with a yeast infection after having finished the antibiotics. Only good thing I can say is thank god for over the counter pyridium to get you until you get to the doctor. This year I have had three and I am going back to my doctor because I feel the fourth now. Time for me to start a daily course of antibiotics for six months. Anyway hope I helped. Oh and I know a little something between being a registered nurse and personal experience.