what to do if your teen has failing grades

Conduct a reading analysis

A reading analysis is a good place to start because if the student is unable to comprehend the class material, then they will require help improving their literacy skills. Students with reading issues can look for CDs of their textbooks. Looking up the phonetic spelling of unmastered words can also help. The student should keep a running list of key vocabulary and the phonetic spelling for each one they were unable to decode. There are free websites where a word can be entered and then the site reads it aloud.

Bulk up daily study time

Teenagers who experience low grades in one or more classes should implement a daily study plan that includes an additional 30 to 45 minutes a day. The extra time should be allocated to the subject area(s) of concern.

Use every resource

During designated study time, teenagers should focus on learning the important vocabulary or formulas. When the student begins to have difficulty understanding a key concept or formula, the key is to stop and find help. And there is no shortage of academic resources to turn to online. Finding a new, different explanation of a concept or approach to a problem can make all the difference.