what to do when your daughter wants to wear make up

Explain the Health and Hygiene Issues

Many Circle of Moms members, including Monica W., want to discourage their young daughters from wearing makeup. As Monica explains, “When girls start to wear makeup at such a young age it actually can age their skin. . . The constant applying and removing can be very harsh on the face.” She is teaching her daughter how makeup is made and what’s in it: “Most of us don’t really want to know but if it is something being applied to the face, why not know what you are putting on it?”

Communicate, Don’t Just Forbid

If you’re ready to let your daughter experiment, several Circle of Moms members, include Angela H., recommend taking a proactive approach. Angela began by sitting down and having “the conversation about make-up” with her daughters. As she explains, "Every child is different, and forbidding it only makes them use their friends’ make up when away from you. Open communication is the key to trust on both sides. . . . Children feel like you’re letting them grow even by letting them wear simple lip-glosses or body fragrances.

Set Limits

Several Circle of Moms members handle their daughters’ interest in makeup by only allowing certain kinds and only at certain times or places. Krista E. suggests allowing makeup for parties, school pictures, and other special events. “In my opinion, 10 years old is too young for daily makeup, except maybe for some lip gloss.” And Alisha A. suggests limiting 9- and 10-year-olds to hand creams, bubble bath and “suitable perfumes made for young girls” as well as clear, flavored lip gloss, nail polish and stickers — “but only on weekends and school holidays.”