what to expect from a d c for early miscarriage

A natural miscarriage is recommended only if it is early enough that the risk of infection remains low. Moreover, a natural miscarriage can be a pretty painful experience. Yet, there are ways to manage the pain. Do it in a bathtub filled with warm water. It takes the edge away from the pain. Having someone there to massage your lower back during contractions can also help. My miscarriage took about three hours. After this the pain gradually subsided. I awoke the next day feeling peaceful, refreshed, and stronger than I had every felt before in my life about myself as a woman.

The D/C was a completely different experience. The main advantage of the D/C is that you bypass the physical pain. The main drawback is that you will miss the “grace” given at the time of the natural miscarriage. You will certainly feel relief, but will miss the deep feelings of peace, cleansing, strength, and the healing that comes with the natural miscarriage