What to expect on yoga retreats

You need to research the teacher.

This is a critical. “If you are going on a vacation, you want it to be in an amazing place with a fabulous with an instructor that matches your personality and, ideally, attracts the type of people you want to vacation with,” says Jayne Gottlieb, owner and instructor at Shakti Shala in Aspen, Colorado.

You’ll want to investigate what kind of yoga you’ll be doing.

From vinyasa flow and hot yoga to prenatal or even nude yoga, class offerings on retreat run the gamut. Do some research to know what kind of classes you can expect. Hughes suggests looking for a program that keeps classes fresh, mixing mellow and restorative classes with more energetic ones.

Downtime is essential.

The goal of a retreat is to get what you need and not overcommit. Ewart says nothing is more empowering than picking your own schedule. Hughes recommends using downtime to nap, read or take a walk.