what to expect when pregnant with a rainbow baby

If you are pregnant with a rainbow baby, you will probably experience a lot of different emotions. Many women will have fear and anxiety during their pregnancies after a loss, and worry that they will have another miscarriage or that something may be wrong with the baby.

Talking with a doctor who knows your history and asking for certain accommodations, such as working with an ultrasound tech who will be sensitive to your fears, can be helpful. Many doctors and hospitals and training programs are now making extra effort to be sensitive to the unique needs and experiences that a woman going through pregnancy after loss and there are accommodations that can be made to help you through it in the most supportive way possible.

Some women may choose not to disclose their pregnancies to avoid difficult conversations and other women may want to let her family and friends know early on in her pregnancy for emotional support throughout the journey. Every woman is different and what you tell others about your pregnancy is entirely up to you.

In some cases, being pregnant after a loss can trigger some hard emotions and talking with a trained therapist or other mental health care provider can help you manage anxiety and stress throughout the process. You should speak with your OB provider about a referral if you are having difficult coping or managing your emotions during your pregnancy.