what you need to know about eating disorders

They don’t discriminate.
They don’t care that your sister gets amazing grades or that your best friend is funny and sharp-witted or that your father is the sole provider for the family. They are also not selective based on your race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, etc. They. Don’t. Discriminate. “eating disorders can and do affect anyone”
(As highlighted by NEDIC for EDAW 2016: Eating Disorders Are As Diverse As The People They Affect)

They’re not at all tied to your body shape or size because they’re mental illnesses.
Not everyone will show the same physical symptoms even if their conditions are incredibly similar. Thin people can have an eating disorder. Overweight people can have an eating disorder. A larger body with a restrictive-type eating disorder deserves to be considered with just as much seriousness as a thin body.

They’re not a choice.
Sadly, this still needs to be said. They’re not a diet. They’re not a conscious decision. No one wakes up and says, “Hey, I think I’ll ruin my life today!”. Insinuating that a sufferer can simply ‘stop’ is incredibly insulting.