what your poo says about your athletic performance

Cannonball poop or severe constipation can occur for many reasons. Being dehydrated or not eating enough fiber can cause us to get backed up. Also, electrolyte deficiency, iron supplements, bacteria imbalance, prescription medications, and stress can make going to the bathroom uncomfortable.

Constipation is typical of the cannonball poop with stool consisting of hard lumps difficult to pass. Straining can occur and sometimes injury to the anus, fissure (tearing) and frank bleeding. In chronic conditions, prolapse of the anus can occur.

Not drinking enough water or dehydration can cause digestion to slow down backing up our stool. The water in our stool is reabsorbed back into the body leaving our poop hard and dry. According to research, high water content in our intestines speeds up poop transit time and promotes a healthier colon environment. To avoid constipation, drinking plenty of water is essential.

Torpedo bum poop is similar to the cannonball. The stool is dry, sausage-shaped, lumpy, causing constipation, and difficult to pass. We can feel uncomfortable and often strain to go to the bathroom. Chronic torpedo bum can lead to frank bleeding, obstruction, perforation fissures, and prolapse.

Dehydration is usually the problem causing torpedo bum poops. It’s recommended to increase your water before adding dietary fiber, especially if fiber intake is adequate. Consuming healthy fats (i.e. nuts, seeds, oils) can also help lubricate the bowels allowing us to eliminate stool more easily.

Essential oils are also indicated to help with constipation and relax the colon, along with clock-wise abdominal massages. Peppermint, lavender and ginger teas are shown to relax the stomach and improve colon function.

Stress is also a huge component leading to constipation. When we’re stressed and unable to relax, impaired hormone function can occur. The body responds by not absorbing nutrients properly adversely affecting our bowel movements.

Practicing deep breathing techniques can help. Take three deep, long, and slow breaths before eating and while sitting on the toilet.

Half baked poop is somewhat dry and requires better water intake to bump it up to optimal. It is sausage-like shaped with cracks on the surface. It can still feel uncomfortable to pass often causing us to strain.

Increasing water intake and dietary fiber (raw nuts, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains) will improve the quality of this poop. It’s also suggested to sit with proper posture on the toilet to help pass healthy stool. Some experts indicate squatting is the best position for going to the bathroom, and some are using a squatty potty to help with proper posture.

As indicated above, consuming between 25-35 grams of fiber daily along with drinking plenty of water will improve the consistency of your poop. Research indicates eating a wide variety of healthy food, especially plants significantly improves gut bacteria and colon health. Improving gut bacteria reduces inflammation and our risk of developing certain gastrointestinal cancers according to studies.