what's good for tick bites

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Use fine-tipped tweezers to remove a tick. If you don’t have tweezers, put on gloves or cover your hands with tissue paper, then use your fingers. Do not handle the tick with bare hands.

Grab the tick as close to its mouth (the part that is stuck in your skin) as you can.

The body of the tick will be above your skin. Do not grab the tick around its swollen belly. You might push infected fluid from the tick into your body if you squeeze it.

Pull the tick straight out until its mouth lets go of your skin. Do not twist the tick. This may break off the tick’s body and leave the head in your skin.

Do not try to smother a tick that is attached to your skin with petroleum jelly, nail polish, gasoline, or rubbing alcohol. This may increase your risk of infection.

Do not try to burn the tick while it is attached to your skin.

Wash the area of the tick bite with a lot of warm water and soap.