whats with the clomid crazies

Thought it would be fun to have a Clomid Crazy thread to share what the weirdest and wildest side effects of clomid you have had. Including weird crying spells, mood swing, headaches, just anything CLOMID!

The month before last month - I cried over 2 commercials. One was about a mother and daughter playing Barbies together. And one was that stupid Hoverround (motorized scooter) commercial with the old people. I also had a massive headache (ended up in ER) from the clomid as well.

  1. This month - I screamed and yelled and even STOMPED my feet at a lady at HEB. I was backing out and going slowly (thank god) and saw her on one side of the car about 25ft away. I kept going and look to the otherside in time to see a 2yr old (Im guessing) running out from behind my car where I couldn’t see him. I stopped and threw it into park and go out and realized this child belonged to his mom who was just meanderig slowly and picking her a$$ walking through the parking lot - and she didn’t even run to rescue him when I was about to back over him! So I raised hell and people were staring and I was just completely livid that she could care so little about her child and how I could have had to live with that childs death my entire life because there is NO WAY I could have seen him back there.