when is it safe to bathe after surgery

Follow Instructions
Every procedure is different and every patient is different, so your post-surgical instructions will be tailored to you. How your incision was closed (sutures, staples, liquid tissue glue, etc.), and whether you have a waterproof bandage over the incision will change how you care for your surgical site. Make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions to a T, as this is crucial for a safe recovery.

Cover Up
If you need to keep water completely off your surgical site, cover the area for extra protection. There are waterproof dressings you can place over the surgical site like 3M Nexcare Tegaderm and Band-Aid Shower Care Bandage Protectors, which will help keep water out. Even Saran Wrap does wonders to cover up an area and prevent the incision site from getting wet.

Keep it Clean
That means no soaps, lotions, creams, ointments, powders, or other bath products around and especially not on/in the surgical site. If your doctor didn’t prescribe it or give the OK, then it’s off limits until you’re healed.