when your family member or friend has thyroid disease

When I wasn’t working outside of the house, I had to take a nap nearly daily to get through the entire day with any grace.
When I was working, I had to distract myself to keep going until time to go home…and I then collapsed.
If I went grocery shopping, I had to go slow and be prepared to nap when I went home. (My husband did it a lot for me.)
If I exercised, I had to lay low the rest of the day and the next day to recover.

I had to avoid going out with friends or family for certain activities, knowing I would never keep up. (That was really hard.)
I had to constantly cope with my low grade depression or brain fog caused by low levels of T3 to my brain.
After doing too much, I had to deal with horrific fatigue that even a nap didn’t help, or terrible insomnia that drove me nuts.
When you and I sat together or close by at a public event, I had to deal with numerous symptoms of being hypothyroid while smiling and trying to act normal.
I cried a lot. I was embarrassed. I was sad. I was miserable.