Where can you buy a massage table in Egypt?

you can bye massage table online in egypt or at carpenters shop

The bast “Victoria” is developed considering all recommendations of dermatologists and a wish of our clients: stimulates blood circulation, improves the general condition of skin, it is easily washed out after use, has magnificent effect of soaping, carries out a peeling and massage of skin, and also helps to fight against problem sites of skin in the form of cellulitis.

The bast “Victoria” is made of the twisted thread received as a result of processing of primary granules of polyethylene of low pressure of high density (without addition of secondary raw materials) which is used in the food industry. This material does not absorb moisture, is safe for a human body and does not emit toxic substances.

Our advantages:

  1. Selling price of low prices of competitors on the shelf more than for 100%

  2. A bast “Victoria” bright, bright in eyes, quality

  3. The bast “Victoria” is made in Russia.

  4. We make production from the Russian raw materials without impurity and harmful additives

  5. Each unit of production has a bar code

  6. Production and process of production underwent testing of compliance to quality.

  7. Period of storage of production is not limited.

  8. We deliver production on RTs to any region of Rossi on pallets 1200х800. In boxes on 40 pieces.

  9. Each unit of production passes individual control of Quality Department.

  10. All products of 100% are sold at our buyers.

  11. The cost of goods included the VAT.

  12. Our production (from a twisted polyethylene thread) has no analogs, we are the only producers of this production. We have no competitors

  13. Our production is a little subject to a seasonal factor.

  14. The bast “Victoria” is ecologically safe, carries out massage effect and effect of a peeling of skin.

  15. For production of the production we do not use semi-finished products, and we make basts of primary raw materials (PND granules).