Where can you study Reiki in Japan?

Reiki Level 1 is the first step to open up your Reiki path. Right upon the first attunement, you can immediately start applying Reiki to yourself, others, animals, plants, and everything around you to gently harmonize the vibration.

In this class, you will learn;

・ introduction to Reiki
・ the history of Reiki
・ philosophy of Reiki
・ basic healing techniques for yourself and others
・ traditional Reiki techniques
・ how to use Reiki in daily life

Reiki Level 2 will include the use of three Reiki symbols

・ the symbol of enhancing power
・ the symbol of harmony
・ the symbol of beyond time and space

Students will learn distance healing, healing towards past (Clearing past trauma; clearing karma) and healing towards future (Setting up desirable self image or situations). These skills allow you to more effectively deal with certain problems and situations.

Reiki Level 3 training is the highest level of energy in the Reiki tradition. At this level, students will become more connected and resonated with consciousness in the higher dimension. One attunement will be performed and the fourth symbol and mantra will be given.