Where do you get Quranic Shifa Guidelines?

Hidden secrets in the Quran were an idea given to me by my elder sister Semee. She told me that the Agha Khan sect had uncovered many secrets and this was a reason for their success. Then I started my research to uncover the hidden secrets. My research was not for wealth but for Shifa or healing. Quran is composed of 114 chapters or sura. Verses of the Quran have an obvious (Zahir) meaning and a hidden (Batin) meaning. This book is about the hidden meanings. In the Quran it is said, “in this are signs for men of understanding”.

In this book I present simple disease prevention and treatment guidelines provided in the Quran. There are many hidden secrets in the Quran, which are revealed, mainly targeting health issues, relationships, devotion to Allah. The changes brought in the third edition are that the content has grown by four times. Allah has guided me and provided me with more understanding. The prevention of all diseases has become very simple.